Professional associations

1000mercis Group is an active member of recognized professional associations.
Anxious to comply with current legislation and participate in their development as well as their successful implementation, the 1000mercis Group has a strong involvement in each of its associations.
  • sncd
    SNCD. Established in 1933, the National Union of Direct Communication is the professional organisation dedicated to promoting the techniques and uses of direct marketing and customer relations. The SNCD now has over 120 members, who have chosen to offer their services in respect to the ethics and the practice of the profession. The SNCD represents all business in the customer relationship and direct marketing fields, both on and off-line.
  • ebg
    ebg. Electronic Business Group is an international association of professionals in the Internet and interactive media fields, which aims to promote innovation in new technologies. It consists of over 400 active members, multinationals, large groups and new players in the fast-growing sector.
  • iab
    IAB. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is an association created in 1998 whose mission is threefold: to structure the market for Internet communication, promote its use and maximise its effectiveness.
  • afm
    AFM. The French Association of Marketing was founded in 1984 with support from the National Foundation for Teaching Business Management. Its main mission is to promote academic research and training in marketing at international standards. Today it has about 500 individuals and institutional members, marketing professionals.
  • Marketing Direct
    Cercle du Marketing Direct. Cercle du Marketing Direct (Direct Marketing Circle). The CMD has nearly 320 members, advertisers, service providers and individuals in the industry. Its objective:
    • to establish and develop relationships between direct marketing professionals and their environment
    • to develop a favourable image of the medium and its techniques to the environment : Consumers, the media, partners, carriers, national & international governments
    • to promote the development of information technology in its field
    • to be a partner of any event or project in the field
    • to establish and develop relationships between direct marketing professionals and its environment
    • to support any initiative of Professional Conduct relating to its businesses and its uses
    • to promote and eventually sponsor any academic or professional training schemes in the field.
  • mma
    MMA. The Mobile Marketing Association France is the only association dedicated to mobile marketing and advertising in France. It brings together the major players in Mobile marketing and advertising. Advisors, advertising agencies, suppliers, advertisers and mobile network providers, MMA is a leading mobile association and has Benoit Corbin (Ocito) as its CEO. Martin Jaglin, Ocito Director, as its CRM and Direct Marketing Committee Manager.
  • dma
    DMA. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the leading global trade association of businesses and non-profit organisations using and supporting multichannel direct marketing tools and techniques. DMA advocates industry standards for responsible marketing – both online and offline, promotes relevance as the key to reaching consumers with desirable offers, and provides cutting-edge research, education, and networking opportunities to improve results throughout the end-to-end direct marketing process.
  • silicon sentier
    Silicon Sentier. Silicon Sentier in central Paris, brings together companies specialising in new technologies in IT and communication to facilitate their development. This association now has over 80 members.
  • R-numerique
    Renaissance numérique. Renaissance numérique (Digital Renaissance) is a think tank in the Internet domain, which brings together experts, both professional and academic. Founded in 2005, it is comprised of the main leaders of Internet companies in France as well as researchers and academics . Thibaut Munier, Chief Operating Officer 1000mercis is a member of the Digital Renaissance Board.

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